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How to Change a Tubeless Tire without an Air Compressor

​TubiBooster was developed to enable hassle-free inflation of tubeless tires without the need for a compressor. Pressurize the air tank by using an ordinary floor pump. Rapid and massive air output can be released to ensure proper installation of tubeless tires. Let’s see how Sonya Looney use it to pump up tubeless tires.

“I recently received something called a TubiBooster from Topeak.  It's pretty cool technology- you actually use a pump to pump up an aluminum bottle so it can act as a mini air compressor for booting up tubeless tires. I personally know that getting tires to seed can be a headache, or the noise of the air compressor can be vexing. I was excited about this and wanted to make a video showing if it actually works or not (and how to change a tire). Turns out... it works amazingly well!” 

by Sonya Looney. ​