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An aerodynamic top tube fuel box design minimizes wind drag while eliminating interference with legs. Mounts by built-in top tube integrated bosses or secure scratch-free straps. The large opening provides quick and convenient access to energy bars, gels, or other energy items. Compatible with triathlon, time trial and road bikes.

Note: Sand, dirt, mud, etc., and bags that are incorrectly pack may cause the bike frame paint in contact areas become dull or scratched over time. To avoid any potential damage, you should protect the frame or rack with foam covering or protective film before attaching bags or panniers.

Capacity 0.65L / 40 ci, 6-8 gel packs
Material TPR / Engineering grade polymer
Bag attachment Triathlon - top tube frame mount with integrated bosses
Road - straps on frame top tube
Top tube diameter Fits ø33 - ø72 mm
Added feature Secure scratch-free straps, 3M™ transparent protective film
Size 26.7 x 6.3 x 4.9 cm / 10.5” x 2.5” x 1.9”
Weight 207 g / 7.30 oz (with straps)

Mounts on triathlon frame top tube with built-in mounting bosses

Mounts on frame top tube (ø33 - ø72 mm) with two secure scratch-free straps using 3 possible mounts positions

Aerodynamic design minimizes wind drag and and eliminates leg contact

The uniquely designed shell allows cables to route straight through to the top tube

Soft and flexible TPR material provides convenient access to energy bars, gels and supplies