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Topeak MY2020 New Product Sneak Peek

​Topeak MY2020 Products

Topeak (leaders of innovative cycling accessories) proudly introduces over 50 new and updated products for the 2020 season. Ever evolving with the times, Topeak has implemented a “tubeless-friendly” theme into their inflation and tool offerings, as well as elevating their already robust on-the-trail / travel products. Minimize ride-prep and maximize the ride - wherever that ride may take you; riding, racing, bikepacking and beyond.

Come to visit Topeak Booth (B4-102) at EUROBIKE Show to see our latest innovative products. 


The 2020 Topeak Pump / Inflation Series: Built for Precision & Efficiency ​

Improving on an already trusted design, the 2020 JoeBlow floor pumps have gone digital. In addition to their traditional wide steel bases and oversized handles, you’ll see extra-long hoses, and protective/rubberized, easy-to-read digital faces. Topeak has incorporated an extremely accurate sensor inside the digital gauge for pressure precision (less than 100 psi ± 1 psi; more than 100 psi ± 1%).

For those that wish to take their inflation on the road or trail, Topeak has multiple updated offerings in their inflation category.From the TubiBooster X (which easily inflates tubeless tires, like a giant CO2 cartridge) to the Roadie TT hand pump (which features their exclusive Twin Turbo Technology), Topeak delivers high air pressure with low effort.

Topeak’s 2020 inflation category ensures that every type of cyclist (with every type of tire) can dial in the proper pressure with ease, speed and precision.

​The 2020 TubiTool Series: Built for Tubeless 

Introducing the complete “TubiTool” product line; specifically designed for the tubeless tire rider. This category contains all you need for essential tubeless maintenance and quick repairs.Topeak has integrated a plug, plug holder, reamer, air-stopper and cutting knife into one folding tool. Additionally, they’ve developed a tiny bullet-shaped tool “TubiBullet” (designed to attach to the bike frame for quick access and repair) and a compact repair system “RacePack TX” (carry essential repair tools to fix a flat and quick inflate without weighing you down). Take tubeless into your own hands, and get back to your ride with Topeak.

​The 2020 Tool Series: Built for Precision

Continuing with the general theme of 2020 (efficiency and precision) the Topeak Tool family keeps growing. Introducing the Mini P30,/Mini P20, AliEN S and PowerLever for quick removal/connecting Power links /Master links. Keeping in mind essential bike maintenance tools for on the trails, Topeak also introduces a series of super compact ratchet wrench sets plus L-shape tool wrench sets (which come in easy-to-carry storage case for travel). 

The 2020 Bikepacking Series - Built for Adventure

The new on-the-go BarLoader stem bag and waterproof FreeLoader nicely round-out the Topeak Bikepacking Series. The updated FrontLoader has been optimized with stronger materials and a more streamlined mounting process. Pack up freedom with Topeak Bikepacking bags and keep on exploring in 2020.

*The 2020 Bikepacking Series also offers additional green colors. 

​Bag & Rack Series – Built to Carry

The PakGo GearPack has been developed to help riders pack up essential gear and clothing in a well-organized fashion. Regardless of rider style, the included transition mat and hide-away shoulder strap will appeal for on-the-go training and travel.

The Topeak TetraRack series (inspired by Tetrapods -- animals with four feet) will securely grab any bike frame with a unique, quick-mount rack holder. No need for rack eyelets and/or seat post clamps, the strut slot adjustment enables the loading plate to sit parallel and secure. *Works with Topeak MTX trunk bags and the new Pannier DryBag.