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Although it’s been just a short while since last year’s Taipei Cycle Show

– At Topeak Inc., there’s always new stuff popping up​


With the trend in tire width running wider in the bike industry these days,

there’s also a shift moving from clincher tires to tubeless setups.

Although some might argue it’s a costlier proposition, there are benefits that outweigh the small bump in price.Running sealant in your tires allows for a more comfortable ride by using lower tire pressure and puncture resistance is increased making your ride more enjoyable.

However, for all the pros, there are some cons. It usually takes more time and effort to mount tubeless tires on your rims whether you ride a mountain bike or a road bike.

​ Fear not - TOPEAK has it all prepared for you. ​

​Ranging from a pro level tubeless pump to your own household DIY kit,

Topeak’s engineering team has been developing pumps over decades providing the best user-friendly products for cyclists world wide.

​ For shop owners or heavy users, we recommend: ​

​Joeblow™ Booster

The award-winning pump which gives you a whole lot of boost in time saving and work effort when installing tubeless tires.

All in one design - combining air compressor and floor pump into a single unit. Once mounted, there’s no need to stop pumping as you switch modes, so reaching your desired tire pressure just got a whole lot easier.

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​ For bike enthusiasts, DIY hobbyists, and fanatical ones, we recommend: ​

​Tubi Booster

“One for all and all for one.” This small tank serves as a mini compressor for a variety of floor pumps.

With a capacity of 1000cc of air inside this aluminum tank – It’s the perfect solution to mount your tubeless tires. Last but not least, the head of TubiBooster can be used as a CO2 inflator and is compatible with Topeak’s threaded 16g/25g CO2 cartridges.

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​Tubi Booster X

The advanced version of the Tubi Booster. The main enhancement would be the newly designed pump head, which allowed charging and inflating continuously without removing it from the valve stem.



​What Type of Bike traveler are you?

There are many bike travel cases out there on the market, but which one really suits you?

For us at Topeak - we know, size does matter.

You have a lot to think about already; deciding which countries you are visiting, knowing what size your bike is, and most importantly, making sure your safety is the first priority, so nothing can spoil the fun on your trip. Take one less worry away by choosing PakGo Xs.

Smaller Bike Case, Easier travel resistance.

When you’re in the Asia region and traveling with a bike, it’s fairly inconvenient to take public transportation or riding in a cab around town. Using the PAKGO Xs, will ease some of your burden. It’s smaller than our other model - PAKGO X, so for travelers that don’t need all that capacity, the PAKGO Xs is the right choice.

Suitable for road bikes under 54cm and women’s road bikes under 55cm. For more specification detail, please feel free to contact Topeak via email or visit our FAQ page at www.topeak.com