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Topeak First Ninja Concept in 1994

On-bike modular systems are becoming increasingly popular. Allowing you to carry less in your pockets, and more on your bikes, modular systems keep different tools and accessories attached to your bike keep cyclists prepared for anything. Many brands are releasing their versions of these systems, and are claiming to be the originators of the idea. 

But let’s have the original drawings from Topeak do the talking! Originally hand-printed from 1994, Topeak drew up the original “Survival Gear Box,” a mini-sized tool box with all the essential tools for cyclist that is mountable on a bike frame. Hand drawn using colored pencil, the 24 year-old “Ninja Concept” came to play. Topeak engineers came up with hundreds of possibilities on how to mount the essential tools onto your bike frame. Much like Topeak’s current Ninja Series, engineers designed an integreatd bottle cage allowing for installation and removal of the Survival Gear Box. This modular system was the cutting-edge concept in the early 90s and Topeak was the first accessory company to come up with this design. 

24 years have passed and design has evolved into the Ninja Series, which eventually released to the market in 2016. The products in the Ninja Series were proven and awarded by Red Dot Award in 2016. As the model name indicates, “Ninja” will keep your gear stealth on bike, out of sight and out of mind, empowering cyclists with a variety of modular kits.