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JoeBlow Twin Turbo

​The Formula for Building a Dream Pump- Hi-tech, Efficient, User-friendly.

Over 25 years, our Topeak engineers have had one dream in mind: to create the ultimate floor pump. It must have high-pressure air output, and large air volume delivery to fill both road and mountain bike tires easily and efficiently. Additionally, the balance must be both functional and sleek in design. The JoeBlow Twin Turbo does just that!

3” top mounted analogue gauge
Full-metal chamber and stable wide base
Full-padded ergonomic handle. ​
Full-metal SmartHead DX1 ​

​Make Your Life Easier - TwinTurbo Technology

TwinTurbo technology utilizes the pull and push of every stroke by transferring air between its two barrels. Pulling the handle up moves a massive amount of air volume from the larger barrel into the smaller barrel. Pushing the handle down compresses the air in the smaller barrel into high pressure output that fills road tires with high pressure, or MTB tires with large volume. 

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​A cyclist should have muscle ache in the legs, not arms.

Topeak makes sure you are utilizing your energy in the right ways, and that shouldn’t be pumping up your tires. Most of us have multiple bikes, in the least, a mountain bike and a road bike. Sometimes, one pump just doesn’t do the job for both: high-volume and high-pressure, leaving you making up for it through pumping.