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2015 Red Dot Award Winners

​Topeak wins international Red Dot Design Award 2015 for Transformer™ X, iGlowCageB and Tool Monster.


Bike stand / pump combo

The Transformer™ X shines with its hidden talent. This integrated support stand / floor pump was brilliantly designed to be used together as a pump and bike stand with a long hose to easily reach the front wheel. Its support legs can be extended to offer greater stability when pumping, maintaining, or storing your bike and easily adjustable hooks provide a custom fit for any frame. Its top-mounted chronograph inspired gauge is conveniently located with an air release button on the SmartHead pump head giving you the ability to accurately achieve the correct pressure, all making it the perfect partner for your bike maintenance and storage needs.


Two-piece design

NEW high-tech frames and componentry found on today’s bicycles require a tool that can keep up with their sophistication. Tool Monster is an integrated 22 function bike tool that answers this multi-tasking need with great aplomb. This high quality, full metal bike tool will take care of most mechanical problems on the road or trail. Featuring an eloquently simple and unique articulating two- piece design allowing use of both tools in conjunction with each other for added leverage. This tool helps you fix a broken chain, install and remove pedals, adjust clipless pedal tension, tighten a loose crank bolt, tighten stem bolts, adjust derailleur bolt for better shifting function, adjust spoke tension to true a wheel, adjust your seat your clamp bolt for better seat position; you get the picture. This is the tool that makes dealing with bike issues easier and one that would make Angus MacGyver proud.


Integrated cage light & bottle

Bicyclists are quickly realizing that their ride does not have to end just because the sun has set. Night riding offers many riders a new dimension for exercise and prolongs the fun. The ingenious integration of a super bright RBG LED into our water bottle cage gives you multiple choices of color that illuminates the clear bottle for 360 degrees of visibility for increased night safety by alerting motorists or other cyclists of your presence. Two separate operational modes, constant on and blinking, add variety to the easily switchable colors of purple, blue, green, yellow and white light that emanates from the liquid in the bottle giving a playful to eerie glow immediately drawing attention. Topeak’s innovative design thinking really shines brightly with this cage light and bottle combination that helps turn your night rides into a wild adventure!