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PanoBike Advanced Cycling App System

The ultimate cycling performance app that transforms your smartphone's powerful Bluetooth® Smart capabilities into a bike computer, personal trainer and health management device. video


Clip in your iPhone 4/4S and keep it close at hand for use as a GPS for navigating, for listening to music, and much more while cycling. video

HybridRocket MT

Mountain mini pump, CO2 inflator, or both. The choice is yours! video

HybridRocket HP

Road mini pump, CO2 inflator, or both. The choice is yours! video

Dual-Touch™ Bike Stand

An elegant solution for storing your bikes. Looks great in the house or in the garage. video

Mega Morph™

A highly portable folding floor pump designed to withstand the travel schedule of a World Cup race team. video

TrollyTote Folding MTX Rear Basket

The perfect solution for around town shopping and errands. video

TwoUp TuneUp Bike Stand

Multi-bike storage system is solid enough to serve as a light duty portable work stand. video

Modula™ Java Cage

The Modula Java Cage is the perfect solution for carrying a hot cup of coffee on your early morning cycling commute. video

Phone DryBag (SmartPhone DryBag)

A great way to keep your iPhone* handy for communication or to use as a GPS during longer rides. video

PrepStand™ Pro

A pro level workstand with a built-in digital weight scale. Stable tripod design folds down small for travel or use at the races. video

PrepStand™ Race

A professional quality race workstand that securely holds a complete bike or frame and fork in a bottom bracket cradle without clamping the individual frame tubes. video

JoeBlow™ X.O.

X.O. stands for extraordinary -- the only way to describe this newest CNC machined alloy JoeBlow™ floor pump. video

BabySeat II

A wrap-around seat body creates a virtual cocoon of protection and features an updated 6-point harness system. video


The MondoPacks are the oversized saddlebags for extra large adventures. video

SideKick Wedge Packs

A large, side-opening panel provides easy access to all your under saddle gear. video

How To Change Internal Pump Head Parts


How To Fix A Broken Chain


How To Repair A Flat Tire


Mini Dual DXG

A powerful mini pump for road or trail. SmartHead™ works with Presta and Schrader valves without swapping parts. video

PocketShock DXG

Precision fork and shock pump with a carbon-faced dial gauge for accurate inflation. video


Designed to meet the demands of a professional racing and training schedule this elegant and sleek mini pump features a full aluminum body, head and pump handle. video

Road Morph™ G

Morph technology in a road pump. Extra long barrel and patented Morph™ design with fold-out foot pad and flexible hose makes achieving high road tire pressures easy. video

Ratchet Rocket™

Make adjustments and repairs with the speed of a Formula 1 pit crew. A reversible ratchet driver with 9 tools in a compact water resistant package that provides quick and easy action. video

LineUp™ Stand

A lightweight, tubular folding stand for storing and displaying bicycles. video

JoeBlow™ Mountain

This unique mountain bike specific floor pump features a super-sized steel barrel designed to deliver the higher volume required of large off-road tires and an extra sensitive, base mounted analog gauge with air release button to help dial in the exact pressure. video

D-Torq Wrench

Protect your investment with the feature packed torque wrench. D-Torq features a reversible ratcheting head, a box wrench for tool bits and can measure torque in 4 units including N•m, in•lb, ft•lb, or kg•cm. video


The evolution of the revolution! The ALiEN™ III features a stainless steel body for better strength and slimmer profile. Take-apart design allows easy access and full use of all tools. Includes self-tightening tools. video

JoeBlow™ Ace

The latest addition to the legendary JoeBlow™ line, JoeBlow™ Ace features an innovative three-stage design that achieves both high pressures and high volume in record time. video

Mini 9 Pro

9 precision tools in a sleek forged alloy body. An integrated tire lever nests inside the tool for a streamlined profile. Perfect for long road rides or endurance mountain biking. video

CO2-Bra Race Pod

Strike back at flats quickly with the Race Pod – a completely self-contained tire inflation kit featuring a CO2-Bra CO2 inflator, tire levers, 16g CO2 cartridges and mounting strap. video

Air BackPack

A revolutionary cycling specific backpack which uses pressurized air to fine-tune the pack for personal comfort and fit. Multi-channel air chambers located in the hip belt and back contact area are inflated with an integrated micro pump and release valve. video