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Professional Bike Tools To Go

Topeak debuts complete mobile tool kit


Photo: Trays are lined with form-fitting foam, to keep tools organized and prevent them from rattling during transport. (Brad Ford)

The new Topeak PrepStation ($900) is a complete tool solution for the mechanic on the go. The entire unit is fitted with wheels and a padded cover for convenient transport and storage. When open, the stacked trays fan out, offering access to 39 professional-grade tools. With one dedicated tray for small parts and the large base, there is plenty of room for spare parts, cleaning supplies, lube, degreaser, and anything else you may need.


Trays can be fanned out to provide easy access to any tool you need.



Press the trigger in the handle and pull to unlock and expand the stacked trays.



The PrepStation with extended handlebar ready to roll (l), and collapsed and covered (r).

This article was original reviewed on Bicycling website.