23 May 2016 | While a super exciting sprint finish resulted in N1NO Schurter’s 19th World Cup victory, Jenny Rissveds rode in  world class fashion to an amazing second place in the Women’s Elite Competition.

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI 3, Absalon, Julien, BMC MTB, , FRA

Albstadt, Germany. SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team’s two stars this season have delivered highlights again and again with most recently a first and second place at World Cup round 2 in Albstadt, Germany.

N1NO’s victory was no surprise, but it was the result from some very hard work up until the last meter. No less exciting was a great performance from Jenny Rissveds. In only her second World Cup race in the elite category, she showed where she wants to be seen in the future- on the podium!


The outdoor arena of Albstadt- a great experience for riders and spectators

Someone just following results would likely say cross-country racing is boring, because the same two guys always win. Who ever follows the races live on RedBull TV or even better live on site will agree, as long as Julien Absalon and Nino Schurter- the two icons of the sport- can deliver such high level entertainment, we’ll stick to it. The Albstadt World Cup is great proof that cross-country racing is better and more alive than ever! Thanks to good organizers, exciting coverage and last but not least great athletes, spectators in Albstadt and worldwide were treated to something special yesterday.

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI


Defense of the World Cup Leader’s Jersey? Check.

For the first few laps the lead group was quite big. The third of the protagonists of past years showed that he is back after his injury. Olympic champion Jaroslav Kulhavy looked strong finishing in 4th place. It would not be a surprise if at the World Championship in Nove Mesto he is back with the two others battling it out. But for now it was the usual Absalon/Schurter train that was riding away from the rest of the field. As if they had made an agreement, they usually ride at very high pace together, not attacking each other, until the finale where the rivalry heats up!

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI Up and down equally strong – Schurter in front of Absalon

From than on it was no joking around. Absalon was the first to try to escape on the long climb. Schurter stayed on and did not wait long with his counter attack. As they were equally strong on the uphills and downhills, a sprint finish had to decide between first and second. Julien got to the finish straight in first position and immediately launched the sprint. While this is usually an advantage for Schurter, the finish straight was quite short and it looked like Nino was going to run out of time to overtake Julien. Somehow N1NO managed to get around his rival in the very last meters to win by very few centimeters. What a finale!

3, Absalon, Julien, BMC MTB, , FRA 1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI 3, Absalon, Julien, BMC MTB, , FRA What a finale!

N1NO makes not secret that Albstadt is not his favorite track. The climbs are quite long and the descents are not technical enough to really make a difference. The fact that N1NO had never before won in Albstadt makes this victory even sweeter. He stated: “Winning in a sprint finish is always extra excitement because you don’t know the outcome until you cross the line. To finally win here means a lot to me. Who knows if maybe my brand new SCOTT hardtail made the difference at the end. This bike certainly gave me some extra motivation and confidence.”



“Winning in a sprint finish is always extra excitement because you don’t know the outcome until you cross the line. To finally win here means a lot to me. Who knows if maybe my brand new SCOTT hardtail made the difference at the end. This bike certainly gave me some extra motivation and confidence.”

Nino Schurter, World Champion
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team

18, Kulhavy, Jaroslav, Specialized Racing, , CZE 3, Absalon, Julien, BMC MTB, , FRA 1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI 2, Marotte, Maxime, BH-Sr Suntour-KMC, , FRA 6, Forster, Lars, BMC MTB, VC Eschenbach, SUI

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI


Jaroslav Kulhavy (4.)-Julien Absalon (2.)- N1NO (1.)- Maxime Marotte (3.)- Lars Forster (5.)

9, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE

Double pressure on Jenny Rissveds shoulders

After her crash on the start loop in Cairns, Jenny Rissveds tried to avoid the same thing by taking of from the start like a missile. In only her second Elite World Cup race she’s already gotten the taste of leading such a high level race. Soon after on second lap a crash at pretty high speed did not only cause some pain and loss of the rhythm, it also knocked her out of the top ten.

9, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE

Jenny on track to her first podium

This was a big bummer that first needed to be digested. This is exactly where Jenny showed her class. After a mind set change she got going again and picked the race apart, one rider after another. Going into the last lap she was in 5th position knowing every UCI point would count towards the Olympics in Rio.

9, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE

Except when crashing on her knee Jenny had everything under control during the whole race

Her last lap, which was the fastest of all riders, was something that even impressed experts who know what this girl is capable of. She moved all the way up into second place having only World Cup leader Anika Langvad ahead of her. What a ride!

9, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE

Happy face crossing the liner in second

5, Spitz, Sabine, Sabine Spitz Pro Team, , GER 9, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE 1, Langvad, Annika, Specialized Racing XC, , DEN 4, Pendrel, Catherine, Luna Pro Team, , CAN 19, Dahle Flesja, Gunn-Rita, Multivan Merida Biking Team, , NOR

Sabine Spitz (4.)- Jenny Rissveds (2.)- Annika Langvad (1.)- Catharina Pendrel (3.)- Gunn-Rita Dahle (5.)

The cuts on her knee are pretty deep and her finger also took some abuse from the crash, but the excitement about her awesome finish was bigger than the pain. “This was almost a perfect day, despite my crash I felt very good today. I really hope this helps now to secure a spot for Sweden, because more than anything I want to participate at the Olympic games in Rio.”

9, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE

“This was an almost perfect day, despite my crash I felt very good today. I really hope this helps now to secure a spot for Sweden, because more than anything I want to participate at the Olympic games in Rio.”

Jenny Rissveds, U23 World Cup Champion
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team

Andri Frischknecht who was racing in the U23 race had a similar good last lap like Jenny, only he made it from 13th up to 8th place in the finale. In his third race of this season he showed that after his injury he is not only back on track but also has the ability to fight until the very end. Unfortunately not so good news came from Michiel van der Heijden. His is dealing with some issues with his back, He finished far back in 53rd. Marcel Wildhaber starting out of 130th position had basically no chance from the start. His 86th place is not satisfying for all the effort he put in.

19, Frischknecht, Andri, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

Making his way back to top ten- Andri Frischknecht

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Kristian Hynek wins on Elba


The spell is broken: Kristian Hynek wins the UCI Marathon on the Italian island Elba. The Czech from the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team wins the Capoliveri Legend Cup with a great finish, so does Bigham after a breathtaking comeback in Belgium.


For a long time it didn’t look like Kristian Hynek could end up at the top of the podium on the island right by Tuscany after the ”mere” 67 kilometers. The Italians took off furiously and pushed him and Alban Lakata on the defense right at the first mountain. ”I would not have bet even 5 Euros on me at the beginning. My legs didn’t cooperate,” reveals Kristian. However, the lever tools changed their mind and the patience of the old hand paid off.


Back on Track

The European Champion of 2012 came back to the top flight and started to dictate the speed again. About 20 kilometers before the finish line and after a long climb, only four riders were left. But the Topeak-Ergon pilot had the best finish and took his first meaningful victory of this year. ”This gives me a lot of confidence in regards to the world championship. That was missing after the Cape Epic, but this victory shows me. I’m back on track,” says the 35-year old Czech.



World champion Alban Lakata took place six and wasn’t unhappy with that. ”I took it rather easy this week after my victory in Singen and therefore wasn’t as ready. I couldn’t keep up at the beginning, but then picked up and rode as fast as the front. A race under three hours is naturally difficult for a diesel engine,” jokes Lakata.



Wild pursuit race in the Ardennes

Sally Bigham had a very complicated start during the first stage (67 km) of the Belgium Mountain Bike Challenge in the Ardennes when she was thrown back by a defect. ”It was Friday the 13th,” says Bigham with a grin. The victory receded into a dim distance.


”Giving up” doesn’t exist in Iron Sally’s vocabulary nor is it a mental option. The rest of the stage and the remaining two days were marked as a wild pursuit race. Of the 20 minutes she was behind on day one, she made up eight and a half minutes with her stage victory (96km) on Saturday. The rest on Sunday was a 100 kilometers long dessert.


Sally Bigham left behind her competitors by the first few kilometers and rode unleashed to the second stage and overall victory in front of the Serbian Jovana Crnogorac. ”Phew, this was hard”, respires Bigham. We totally believe her …


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Alban and Sally triumph in Singen


Two victories and a silver medal, this is the magnificent balance sheet of the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team weekend. Alban Lakata flawlessly took his third victory in Hegau after an enthralling sprint finish, and Sally Bigham also picked up her first victory in Singen. Kristian Hynek claimed second place on the podium at the Czech Championships.

The Hegau Bike Marathon in Singen covers a distance of 98 kilometers, where a gripping duel unfolded between Marathon World Champion Alban Lakata and Vice World Champion in Sprint, Sam Gaze, from New Zealand. A sprint duel with the 20-year-old seemed dangerous, but the Albanator wore down his competitor with increase after increase. ”He was very tame at the end,” laughs Lakata.



Photo finish for Alban

The Austrian snatched his third victory in Singen/Hegau by a tire width in a battle to the finish on the home stretch. ”I felt really good today again. The buildup towards the European Championships is consequently right, which is the second good news of the day,” says Lakata.




Sally cranks laid back to victory

Like her teammate Lakata, Sally Bigham seconds the success in the women’s contest covering 80 kilometers, but in a different, much more laid-back manner. She left her biggest rival, Esther Süss, behind early on and cranked her way confidently at the third start line to her first victory in Singen. ”Two and a half hours time trial,” laughs Bigham, ”but it was a sunny warm day in the office. What a shame, it wasn’t the European Championships today.” But what didn’t happen in 2015 at the European Championships, could work for 2017 at the World Championships, which also takes place in Singen.



Silver for Hynek

Kristian Hynek missed his second Czech championship title only by seven seconds.
At the classic in Lipnik nad Becvou covering 97 kilometers, Hynek was part of a four-men elite group with Olympic medalist and Marathon European Champion Jaroslav Kulhavy.

He attacked during the first four kilometers from the start, but got caught-up during a two kilometers climb to the old castle. This is where the fire really started to burn. Kristian Hynek was able to set himself apart from Matous Ulman as well as Jaroslav, but had to give in to four-time winner of this race, Pavel Boudny.

”I naturally would have liked to win, but it’s not a shame to lose against Pavel. He always focuses on the National Championships. After Cape Epic, I’m not yet at 100 percent , but it gets better week by week,” comments Hynek on his silver medal beating Kulhavy.

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Bigham wins Mud Bath in Houffalize


Iron Sally in freezing temperatures and adverse conditions: The Topeak Ergon rider defies the extreme weather conditions in Belgium Houffalize at the Roc d’Ardennes on Saturday and tacks another victory to her long Palmarès. World Champion Alban Lakata continues the upward trend at Lake Garda by taking fourth.

”It was tremendously slippery and very difficult to get a grip,” said Bigham. 
However, that didn’t phase ”Iron Sally” very much. The Brit was able to capture the lead during the first short climb. Soaking wet, struggling, raking and sliding are the conditions in which she constantly battled with to keep her lead over the French Helene Marcouyre on her Canyon Lux CF securing the largest trophy at her premiere in the Ardennes.

”It took me an hour in the shower to get clean again,” laughed Sally Bigham. ”But it’s a great day. A great town and beautiful trails. Even, if it rains.”


The BIKE Festival Garda Trentino at the Lake Garda that features the Rocky Mountain BIKE Marathon provided a beautifully sunny race day. Alban Lakata finished his second race after the Cape Epic on the Ronda Extrema taking fourth place. ”It was again a step forward. The watt values are on, but only the body weight remains too high after the sickness. You really notice that on a climbing course. But everything is on track. I want to improve myself leading up to the European Championship”, commented the Austrian on the 90 km (about 56 miles) in Italy. 
”It should go even better next week in Singen. In addition the route there is similar to the route of the European Championships.”
 The classic at Lake Garda closes with Kristian Hynek in tenth place.

Next Sunday, May 8th, Sally, Alban and Kristian are starting at the Rothaus Hegau Bike Marathon in Singen, an event of the UCI Marathon MTB World Series.






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N1NO couldn’t ask for a better start to the World Cup season. Jenny Rissveds rides into the top ten and Michiel van der Heijden is missing just a little for a top ranking. All in all an awesome start Down Under.

Cairns, Australia- it’s quite a ways to travel for a 90 minute mountain bike race. With the change in time zones and climate, plus shipping all the equipment, this is a logistically difficult and expensive journey.

This is why you better get something out of it. And this is exactly what SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing did. Or how the Aussies would say: we are not here to fuck spiders!

Please forgive my choice of words, but this is an official saying in Australia.


N1NO is not here to fuck spiders. He takes his 18th World Cup win!

N1NO’s winning streak has continued into the 2016/2017 World Cup Season- his method hasn’t changed. This means getting out of the start block like a missile, putting his contenders on the defensive early on, controlling the race and than increasing the pace in the last few laps. It sounds pretty simple, but this takes an athlete in top shape. And in top shape Nino certainly was. To his fortune, his biggest rival, Julien Absalon, flatted in lap one and seemed to be out of contention. But the man with the most World Cup wins fought his way back into the race in a way only a great champion can do.


N1NO’s SCOTT Spark 700 came in handy on the technical track with heavy drops and jumps.

This doesn’t mean there was no competition aside from Absalon. Swiss rider Mathias Flückiger challenged the World Champion not only on the climbs, but also put the pressure on Nino on the long descent by taking a lot of risk. The track was very well built and had some tricky sections in it that caused a lot of flat tires. Absalon was by far not the only one slowed down by a mechanical. Aussie Dan McConnell dropped out the lead group with a flat. French Maxime Marotte stayed with the Swiss Schurter/Flückiger train for 2/3 of the race. After that he lost contact, but never was far behind the leaders riding in 3rd place.

2, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

2, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI


The last two laps were the most exciting. N1NO attacked and left Flückiger behind. The Absalon train pulled in from behind catching up time on the leader. This also forced Marotte to speed up. Both French riders passed Flückiger in the finale and at the finish line the winning World Champion had a 3 second gap on Marotte and 27 seconds on Absalon. Who knows the outcome without Absalon’s flat?

The happy winner confessed: “On a course like this luck has to be on your side. And today it definitely was on my side. This win is not only a great way to start the World Cup season, it also makes me hungry for more when we come back for World Championships next year.”



“This win is not only a great way to start the World Cup season, it also makes me hungry for more when we come back for World Championships next year.”

Nino Schurter, World Champion
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team


2, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

The winning bike powered by the World Champion and the brand new 12 speed Sram Eagle drivetrain.

7, Flückiger, Mathias, Stoeckli Pro, , SUI 4, Marotte, Maxime, BH-Sr Suntour-KMC, , FRA 2, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI 1, Absalon, Julien, BMC MTB, , FRA 5, Vogel, Florian, Focus XC Team, RC Gränichen, SUI Podium left to right: Mathias Flückiger (4.) Maxime Marotte (2.) N1NO Schurter (1.) Julien Absalon (3.) Florian Vogel (5.)

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Mathew Hayman wins Paris Roubaix, settles unfinished business


Veteran classics specialist Mathew Hayman has produced a masterful performance for ORICA-GreenEDGE today, sprinting to victory on the iconic velodrome of Paris-Roubaix, one of cycling’s five monuments.

The 37-year old returned for his 15th attempt at the ‘Hell of the North’, a race he has always declared unfinished business with, just five weeks after fracturing his right radius.

Spending the majority of the race in the front group Hayman used all of his experience to take the win ahead of four-time previous winner Tom Boonen (Etixx-Quickstep)

“I still can’t believe it,” said Hayman. “I’ve had enough bad luck in Paris-Roubaix in the last fifteen years. Everything went right today, I was in a good place mentally, I was relaxed and I was trying not to put pressure on myself.”

“With one kilometre to go I was thinking that I would be happy just to be on the podium. I had a feeling that my legs were pretty good and I was happy to ride with Tom (Boonen) until the finish line but then it all came back together for the last lap.”

“I’ve been riding some track recently after breaking my arm five weeks ago. My legs were feeling pretty good going into the finishing straight when I started my sprint, I could see Tom’s tyre underneath my arm but I managed to keep going.”

Hayman raced with intelligence throughout the day, part of the early group of over twenty riders that formed the day’s breakaway alongside teammate Magnus Cort. Hayman positioned himself expertly as the attacks began to spring in the finale.

Using his experience and his power, the 2006 Commonwealth Games champion stayed clear of the four chasers to become only the second Australian to win the ‘Queen of the Classics’.

Sport director Laurenzo Lapage was over the moon with the result and the performance of Hayman, a tireless leader and worker for the ORICA-GreenEDGE team.

“What an amazing ride,” said Lapage. “If there is one guy that you want to win this race it would be Mathew (Hayman), he has been waiting for a long, long time to get the right opportunity and he put in an outstanding performance to get the win.”

“The whole team rode very well throughout the race, we knew that if Mathew could stay up there at the front until the final then he had a good chance but we didn’t expect it to go so perfectly.”

“We can enjoy this moment now, it’s a special victory in a special race. Everyone in this team works so hard it’s great when it pays off in a race like Paris-Roubaix”

How it happened:

The sun was shining in Compiegne for the start of the 114th Paris-Roubaix, there had been some rain overnight but for all intents and purposes it was shaping up to be a dry and dusty day on the cobbles.

The first 40kilometres of racing were extremely fast with numerous breakaways trying to form but the peloton were not letting anything go.Eventually a group of twenty or more riders managed to pull away and gained over 30seconds on the peloton.

The group included representatives from the teams Tek-Segafredo, Cannondale, Tinkoff, FDJ and Mark Cavendish (Dimension-Data). The Cavendish group pushed on ahead and the increased speed of the chase split the peloton into two groups.

Forty riders formed the first chasing group behind the escapees. Ten kilometres later and the Cavendish group had been swallowed by the first peloton and only three riders remained up the road with a slender advantage of 20seconds.

Cort and Hayman of ORICA-GreenEDGE bridged across to the three leaders and were followed by another fifteen riders to form the second breakaway. After 120kilometres had been covered the Hayman group had a lead of one-minute 28seconds over the chasers. The race was now upon the first cobbled sectors of the day yet the average speed remained high at over 45kph.

After the halfway point of the race the leaders advantage had grown to three minutes and 40seconds. Tony Martin (Etixx-Quickstep) and three teammates including Tom Boonen broke clear of the peloton in an attempt to connect with the leaders. Other riders followed Martin, creating three groups on the road.

Entering the iconic Forest of Arenberg sector of cobbles and the gap between the leaders and the Martin group had fallen to a minute and 30seconds. Luke Durbridge had made the split and was in the first chasing group with Martin and Boonen.

The third group contained Peter Sagan (Tinkoff) and Fabian Cancellara (Trek-Segafredo) and with 80kilometres to go Hayman attacked from the leaders group and led the race alone for the next ten kilometres. With 60 kilometres left to race the Boonen group made contact with breakaway, around fifteen riders forged ahead forming a new group of leaders including Hayman for ORICA-GreenEDGE. Behind the leaders the chase group was splitting apart as Cancellara hit a stretch of muddy cobbles and crashed with three or four other riders also in difficulty.

Thirty kilometres remained and the group of Hayman, Boonen and Ian Stannard (Team-Sky) had over a minute on the group of Sagan and Durbridge with the Cancellara group a further minute behind. Attacks were beginning to form at the head of the race with first Boonen and then Stannard as the group approached the famous Carrefour de l’Arbe section of cobbles.

This stretch of pave is where many editions of the race have been decided. It was Sep Vanmarcke (LottoNl-Jumbo) who finally broke free and gained over fifty metres on the leaders which he held for the following few kilometres before the group came back together with ten kilometres to go.

It was a game of cat and mouse in the final kilometres until Hayman attacked with under three kilometres left taking only Boonen with him. The duo entered the historic Roubaix velodrome with Vanmarcke, Stannard and Edvald Boassen Hagen (Dimension- Data) hot on their heels. The ringing of the one lap to go bell brought the group together and the tension increased. Hayman attacked in the final 200metres, giving everything that he had left the Australian held on until the line for a memorable victory.

The next race for ORICA-GreenEDGE is Brabantse Pijl on Wednesday 13th of April.

Paris-Roubaix results:

1. Mathew Hayman (ORICA-GreenEDGE) 5:51:53

2. Tom Boonen (Etixx-Quickstep) ST

3. Ian Stannard (Team-Sky) ST




Matthew Hayman in the 2016 Paris-Roubaix

Matthew Hayman leads an escape in the 2016 Paris-Roubaix

Mathew Hayman in action during the 2016 Paris-Roubaix

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Win-Win Situation!

31 March 2016 | We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2016 race season. Both Nino Schurter and Jenny Rissveds claimed victory in Milan.

Milano, Italy. The season kick of in the Italian metropololis was held in a kind of unusual place for a mountain bike race. Monte Stella, a park in the heart of the city close to the famous San Siro stadium had some compromises with regards to course design, but attracted a huge crowd of Tifosi’s to create a spectacular atmosphere.

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

There are no real mountains in Milano, but riding straight up Monte Stella four times per lap was very selective. Soon after the start a four man lead group featuring Nino Schurter, former SCOTT-Odlo rider Florian Vogel, Frenchman Stephane Tempier and local hero Marco Aurelio Fontana made their way well ahead the rest of the field. With the exception of Vogel, this group stayed together until the very end.

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI 6, Tempier, Stephane, Bianchi Countervail, , FRA


1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

Straight up- straight down. The crowd loved it more than the riders.

In the last lap on the last climb the World Champion launched his attack. To his surprise, the very strong Italian champion stayed on his wheel. Not only that, in the following descent he even passed him in a turn on the inside. N1NO was not very pleased with this move. In the end, it gave him that extra bit of energy for a long sprint finish out of second position. And wow! This sprint could not have been any tighter than it was. We have not seen such a close one in years.


Just a few centimeters decided the win between Schurter and Fontana!


The World Champion was pretty exhausted at the finish but happy about the outcome. “This was a hard peace of work. I haven’t seen Fontana riding this strong for a while. I really had to give it all to beat him. I’m as happy about my victory as I’m about the fact that the Tifosi’s are just as much behind me than their local hero Fontana. It was a great ambiance here in Milano.”

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI Nino Schurter, World Champion
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team

“This was a hard peace of work. I’m as happy about my victory as I’m about the fact that the Tifosi’s are just as much behind me than their local hero Fontana. It was a great ambiance here in Milano.”

We also saw a strong performance from our second rider in the field, Michiel van der Heijden. He established himself in the group behind Nino & co. riding for 5th place. They also battled it out in a close finish. It was an 8th place in the end, only 14 seconds behind 4th place Florian Vogel.




Our Contessa Jenny Rissveds made our race day a perfect Going into the race she was not too confident. Due to an injury on her elbow she was not riding on trails for a good month. She not only surprised us but also herself. From the beginning she was riding strong, both uphill and downhill, to soon leave the strong competition behind her. The win in Milano is her first international victory as an elite rider. What a way to start the season!!

4, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE

Great start for the Swedish champion

The happy winner stated: “What a great way to start the season! I can’t ask for more. Sweden needs every UCI point we can get to secure a spot for Olympics. This is a good step  towards this goal.”


Jenny Rissveds, U23 world cup champion
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team

“What a great way to start the season! I can’t ask for more. Sweden needs every UCI point we can get to secure a spot for Olympics. This is a good step  towards this goal.”

4, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE

47, Richards, Evie, , , GBR 4, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE 8, Stirnemann, Kathrin, Haibike Oetztal Pro Team, , SUI Sweet victory over U23 Cycle-Cross World Champion Evie Richards and Swiss Champion Kathrin Stirnemann

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Sally Bigham triumphs in Andalusia


Six days Andalucia Bike Race, six days in the fast lane. The Topeak-Ergon Racing Team takes home from Spain a total of nine stage wins, the overall victory of Sally Bigham and the second place of Lakata/Hynek. And moreover, the assurance that the dress rehearsal was successful for the season’s highlight, Cape Epic, coming up in less than 2 weeks in South Africa.


Sally Bigham was almost euphoric after her impressive victory at the Andalucia Bike Race. She got on superbly with her partner Katrin Leumann and the pairing resulted in a straight march through. Six days and six stage wins offered grounds for high spirits.


”The Andalucia Bike Race was just perfect to me and exactly what I was hoping for: Great endurance training without having to go full throttle. Now I can continue training and go in top shape to the starting point at Cape Epic,” sums up Bigham. ”To ride with Katrin was cool. I could help her with my great stamina and she helped me with her great skills in downhill. I’m tremendously happy.”


Additionally, the Topeak Ergon male duo of Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek had every reason to be joyous: ”We had no defects, no real performance slumps and no falls. The team works really well together.” This is how the marathon world champion sums up the six day Andalucia Bike Race.


Resulting from the experiences of past years, the defending champions adjusted their attitude and tried ”not to ride themselves ragged” as Lakata likes to put it. And the world class duo succeeded. ”We are not as tired as last year and therefore not sad that we weren´t able to defend the title entirely this year.”

Yet, one little drop of bitterness is marring the impression: After a suspenseful course over six days and three stage wins for Topeak Ergon, the Greek Periklis Ilias and the Portuguese Tiago Ferreira took the overall victory on the last day. ”They were too strong today. Apart from that, I’m more than content with our performance and generally with the first race in this season,” states Alban Lakata. ”Bring on the Cape Epic.”








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2016 Taipei Cycle Show March 2-5

The worldwide cycling industry once again comes to Taiwan for the 2016 International Taipei Cycle Show March 2-5. Topeak invites its distributors, buyers and dealers to visit us at booth #L524 in the Nangang Exhibition Hall for the 2016 International Taipei Cycle Show.



Double Lead at Andalucia Bike Race



The defending champions from the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team are top in shape at the Andalucia Bike Race 2016. World Champion Alban Lakata and his partner Kristian Hynek have won 3 of 5 stages and are now leading the overall classification. Sally Bigham and Katrin Leumann confidently lead off the front.



Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek believe Spain is a brilliant way to start the season successfully. During the opening time trial they took a minute lead over the competitors and slipped immediately into the leader jerseys. On Monday it finally caught up to Kristian Hynek — ”worst legs since I have ridden for Topeak-Ergon.”


In the third stage in Andujar the favorites moved back into the action and celebrated their second stage win. The joy was immense because the second Topeak-Ergon duo, Erik Kleinhans and Jeremiah Bishop, nailed a third place finish and also the podium, now currently ranked ninth.


Yesterday on the longest stage covering 90 kilometers round Cordoba the Topeak-Ergon duo successfully walked away with another stage win again, directly followed by third place today. Taking over a minute on the overall lead again: ”Everything is back on track”, smiled the Albanator, looking confident on the last stage tomorrow.

Sally Bigham and her guest rider Katrin Leumann exercise control at it’s highest level, as the partners nab a comfortable victory. Five stages, five wins and more than one hour ahead. The Swiss woman-budgetary cross-country cyclist, praises her British partner almost euphorically, ”Sally is a fantastic partner. Hillside she leaves the pace me and I certainly lead down the downhills. At this level I try as much as possible to get hold of the slipstream. We simply harmonize very well.”

On the last stages tomorrow, the riders have to go a total of 69 km and climb 3,869 meters of altitude gain, before the winners will be announced in Cordoba. This is the 6th year of the Andalucia Bike Race which includes over 700 riders from more than 20 different nations beginning on February 21st, spanning over six days and covering a distance of 400 km and 13,500 vertical meters through the countryside around Cordoba.



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