Erik Kleinhans signs for Topeak-Ergon


Erik Kleinhans is the new face of the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team. The South African will ride with Jeremiah Bishop to help support the duo of Alban Lakata/Kristian Hynek at the Worlds biggest stage races. Additionally, the 33-year old marathon specialist will be looking to hunt down podium trophies of his own …

”It is such a great honor for me to be a part of this great team and I feel extremely excited to start the season. Topeak-Ergon is the best marathon team in the World and the riders are respected for their talents and down to earth presence”, commented Erik Kleinhans during the signing of his contract.

The staff of Topeak-Ergon found the South African competitor to be a pleasant and intelligent sportsman both on and off the race course. When a replacement for Robert Mennen was needed, Erik’s name quickly came to mind.

Erik Kleinhans is a late bloomer, at least when it comes to the professional side as an athlete. Before he became a professional, after winning the South African Cross-Country championship in 2010, he studied Finance and Business Management, worked as an organizer for Giro del Capo, and performed other functions in the cycling industry.

Nevertheless, he holds impressive career stats after only five years. Notable results include: 2x winner in the mixed category at Cape Epic with his wife Ariane, victory at Wines2Whales and the CT Cycle Tour MTB (2015), as well as victory at the Cape Pioneer in 2013.

Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek stood out as his greatest competition over the last few years. In 2016, he will support his new teammates at the Cape Epic and other stage races with Jeremiah Bishop at his side.

Team Chief Dirk Juckwer is also more than convinced of the new team member: ”With its exceptional expertise and his many years of experience Erik will help us to succeed especially in the big stage races. So welcome Erik!”

Erik’s goals for 2016? ”Very simple: I primarily want to help Alban and Kristian win the Cape Epic and support them at other top tier stage races. Also, I want to continue to be as successful in the South African races as I have in the past.”




As announced by different media outlets, Robert Mennen left the team at the end of the year and will follow a different career path after he graduates, however, not entirely without the feeling of a heavy-heart. The 30-year old German looks back on a very successful and close relationship with the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team. He won the German Championship in 2013 and Cape Epic in 2014. We would like to use this occasion to wish him all the best!



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10th Mega Victory for Rémy Absalon

Four months after his win in Alpe d’huez, Ergon Factory Rider Rémy Absalon, takes his 10th Megavalanche victory this weekend in Saint Paul.

Rémy Absalon celebrated in a beautiful way the 20th birthday of the Reunion Island Megavalanche taking the first place this Sunday. Born in 1995 on the ”Intense island”, Megavalanche stays one of the most famous MTB downhill marathon style races and the Ergon Factory Rider is one of his regular pro riders with six victories here.

The qualifying rounds took place on Saturday afternoon. This year, guys had the pleasure to return to basics with mass start qualifying groups in order to obtain their Sunday start line. In the first group, Rémy fought with Christophe Payet but finally crossed the line in first position. He could start on first line for the Sunday race.

The famous Reunion island Megavalanche started this Sunday from the top of the Maïdo – culminating at 2 205m — with 300 crazy riders ready to fight till the Indian Ocean! Rémy didn’t start very well — near the 7th position — but rode full throttle on the fast rocky lava to catch each rider. He kept going to make a 15” gap in the technical wet jungle and could control his advance in the physical sugar cane fields to the end. After the last stony and dry trail of the seaside, all under intense heat, Rémy crossed the line with another Megavalanche victory in 44,06 minutes.

”It was a bit unexpected after a long rest period but I gave the maximum to take the lead. This race is so hard but I am very happy to catch the 2015 double Mega victory at the end.”









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Sonya Looney crowned World Champion


The prestigious WEMBO 24 Hour World Championship was hosted in the USA for the first time with locations like Scotland, Italy, and Australia in its past.  Weaverville, California hosted the event boasting one of the most challenging 24 hour courses on record.  6 time World Champion Jason English noted, “This was the hardest 24 Hour course I’ve ever done, and I’ve won more than 23 of these races!  The climbing was extremely difficult.”

Sonya Looney has three 24 Hour USA National Champion victories to date, all being in the coed duo or 4-person team format.  It was her first attempt at a solo effort for 24 hours.  “I always wanted to take a swing at the solo category and I figured the best place to do it would be at World Championships.  There were a lot of logistical unknowns going into the race, but I had some great veterans on my side giving me invaluable tips.”

The course consisted of roughly 13 mile laps with 1600′ of elevation gain per lap. Sonya steadily completed 18 laps with a total of 234 miles and 29,000′ of elevation gain.  Most of the elevation occurred in the first 3 miles of the course.

The field was extremely competitive with veterans from all over the world.  Sonya recalls, “I didn’t know what was going to happen.  On the first lap, one of the ladies rode away from me on the first climb and I had to be strict with myself and just let her go.  I caught her on the downhill and we went back and forth that way for 2 laps.  At dusk, both 2nd and 3rd place were a mere 7-9 minutes behind me.  I knew that I needed to ride an unwaveringly hard pace through the night with no mistakes.  I managed to open up a gap of 32 minutes by dawn.  Persistency was key; some laps I gained 2 minutes while others I picked up 5 minutes.  I actually had the most fun at night! There’s something to riding at your limit following a short tunnel of light.  I didn’t even need that much caffeine!”


Photo: Russ Baker48dd1e37-3712-4a56-b07b-97b3e4aa2f6c

Photo: Russ Baker

At 11:50 AM, Sonya crossed the finish line claiming her first World Champion victory 50 minutes ahead of 2nd place.  “Everything went right for me and I executed my laps with almost surgical precision.  I was so thankful to have my husband, Matt supporting me in the pit.  It was also his first time supporting me in a race like this and we had to have an organized plan. Of course, there were some things I could have done to be more efficient in the pit, but I could not be happier!   The women charging behind me pushed me to ride at a very high level!  I am happy to say I had no stomach or eye problems like some of the elite men, my equipment was stellar, and my attitude was stronger than my physical state.  That is so important in endurance racing.”

WEMBO offers equal payout for both men and women with a $13,000+ USD prize purse paying 10 deep.  The male and female World Champions also receive a free plane ticket and entry fee to the following year’s World Championship event.  WEMBO is a leader in setting equal payout and media coverage as a standard in cycling.

Sonya’s final thoughts on her season:  “Winning World Championships was a great way to end one of the most tumultuous seasons of my career.  I had some great results with several NUE 100 mile wins including winning the biggest 100 miler in Latin America, winning a 6 day stage race across Patagonia, and a top 4 result at a UCI stage race in Spain with national teams seeking Olympic points. I was off the bike for 6 weeks in the late spring due to knee tendonitis and broke my arm a month after being back on the bike. Those injuries were a major damper on some big plans I had this summer. However, it was breaking my arm that motivated me to register for Worlds!  There is always something positive that comes out of a seemingly disappointing situation!  I’m looking forward to some big Fall rides in BC, honing some of my Enduro skills (hint, hint) and enjoying some local CX races.”


Photo: Vic Armijo


Photo: Russ Baker


Swiss Epic victory for Bigham and Morath


Topeak-Ergon’s Sally Bigham and her race partner Adelheid Morath from Freiburg/Germany win the 6-day Swiss Epic from 14th-19th September in the Swiss Alps. Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek take third.


After four stage victories and a lead of more than 50 minutes on last year’s winners Annika Langvad and Ariane Kleinhans the Topeak-Ergon duo with the green-yellow jerseys drove home an unchallenged overall victory.


Even Sally was overwhelmed: ”Adel and me just have won the Swiss-Epic — how cool is that?” Iron Sally said afterwards and did not forget whom she had to thank: ”What a cool experience and a great partnership! Thanks Adel Morath for the great time!”



Also the Topeak-Ergon guys deserve great respect. Despite several defects the reigning Marathon World Champion Alban Lakata and last year’s Cape Epic winner Kristian Hynek took a third place in the overall classification.

The Swiss Epic was held this year for the second time and covered 6 stages, with a total distance of 400km, and around 15,000m of elevation. The race promotes itself as a new format of stage races, with a course that uses highly technical routes in the Swiss Alps, to the joy of the racers.





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What a year for Nino Schurter! After World Cup Champion now World Champion as well! N1NO is at his best ever.


Andorra, in an exciting World Championship race against Julien Absalon, N1NO takes the rainbow jersey back to his shoulders.
It’s his 4th elite World Champion title- his 10th victory this season. What an incredible way to finish his best season ever.

The pressure was tremendous. Coming to World Championships after winning three World Cup races in a row made N1NO the clear favorite for the Worlds title. Though, his experience of last year was still in best memories. Also coming of a winning strike from the World Cups, it was Julien Absalon  to take the World Championship title in Hafjell 2014. N1NO did not want to have this happen again.


Great weather – a demanding track and huge crowd at Valnord Worlds

The race unfolded in a perfect way for N1NO. First lap he managed to get down the technical section in first place while Julien Absalon was held back by some fast starting riders. After two days of rain the sun was out, but in some sections the track was still very slippery. Race deciding technically actually. Non of the racers got trough without little mistakes or crashes. Even N1NO had to get off the bike few times. But less than the rest of the field. He demonstrated once again: When it comes down to tricky sections, nobody can keep up with him.


Impressions of N1NO’s gold race: ahead of Absalon



Impressions of N1NO’s gold race: on Cink’s wheel

After first lap Julien Absalon closed the gap. While Jaroslav Kulhavy was out of contention with a broken rib, his country men Ondrej Cink showed an awesome day. He was the only one staying close to the leading duo and eventually won the well deserved bronze medal. At the front N1NO was playing yoyo with his big rival Absalon. Always gaining some seconds on the descents, to after let him close the gap again. Mid trough the race it started to look a bit different. N1NO made a mistake on a technical uphill and immediately Absalon launched an attack.


One of the few times Absalon was able to put pressure on N1NO

Absalon was with no success. N1NO got back on and soon took the lead again. One and a half laps to go it was this one travers in the woods- full of slippery rocks and roots that made the race deciding difference between Julien and N1NO.
Even N1NO gained only 4-5 seconds there, it added up to be 10 seconds at the end of the descent.


A race deciding moment: N1NO looks back and than keeps going

From this moment on it was a race full out all to the finish. Sometimes Julien got closer to like 5 seconds, then N1NO would gain a bit again. One little mistake and the race would be totally open again. N1NO resisted the strong pressure of Julien bringing the 10 second lead to the finish line. The emotions were high, the pressure released and N1NO enjoyed the biggest moment of his #huntforglory campaign 2015.


At the finish of his dreams

The neo World Champion stated: “This was one big battle all the way to the end. Some moments during the race I was not sure if I can actually win this one. This makes this 4th title a special one to me. It is awesome to win the World Cup but even better to win the worlds. So stoked to be back in the rainbow jersey.”



“It is awesome to win the World Cup but even better to win the worlds. So stoked to be back in the rainbow jersey.”

Nino Schurter, World Champion- World Cup Champion 2015
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team


Once again the two protagonist ruled the world of cross country racing this season. Even N1NO was ahead of Julien the last four races, we have to give lot’s of credit to the best rider in history for still racing at such a high level against N1NO. And it does look like we are going to see more of this great racing next year in the Olympic season, even it is going to be Julien’s last one.


Julien Absalon (silver)- Nino Schurter (gold) Ondrej Cink (bronze)


Exhausted at the finish

3cac5ef4-fd23-4887-82c3-6c65dddb97cbBack in the rainbow jersey

After a difficult last month our flying Dutchman Michiel van der Heijden went into the race with little ambitions. His shoulder is ok again, but after not seeing the finish line for quite some time his confidence was not very high. He managed to get trough in ok 34th place. This season in general leaves him room to improve for next year. We have all the confidence in him that he will be back on track in 2016.



07884290-2656-46e8-93f1-f5ed42356118Coming around for 34th place- Michiel van der Heijden

One big thank you goes to our two mechanics Yanick Gyger and Richard Nieuwhuis who worked day and night on N1NO’s winning weapon: The SCOTT Spark 700.
Also huge thanx to SCOTT, DT Swiss, SRAM and Ritchey and the rest of our sponsors for delivering the World Champion winning parts needed to make such an success possible.


N1NO- his SCOTT Spark and Andorra’s mountain: a good match

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Alexander Kristoff wins GP Ouest France – Plouay


Team Katusha’s Alexander Kristoff obtained another WorldTour victory by winning the one-day classic Grand Prix Ouest France – Plouay in France. In a sprint of some 50 riders, Kristoff was the fastest rider beating Simone Ponzi (Southeast) and Ramunas Navardauskas (Cannondale-Garmin). For Kristoff it is his 20th victory of the 2015 season. The GP Ouest France – Plouay and Paris-Roubaix are the only two WorldTour one-day races in France.

– Everything went how we planned it. Of course we had to gamble a bit. We could not do all the work to catch back the three guys in the front, but we were present and saved forces for the last kilometer. In the sprint we really had control over the situation. I need to thank all my teammates. In the end we started here with three guys coming back from an injury but they did a marvelous job for me. No need to say that I am very happy with this prestigious win, – said Alexander Kristoff.

On the 9th and last ascent of the Côte de Ty Marrec (1500 m, 5,5 % average gradient), with 4 km to go, the break of three riders – with Alexey Lutsenko, Tim Wellens and Silvan Dillier – was caught. Greg Van Avermaet and Matti Breschel launched at searing attack, but Team Katusha chased them down too. And then it was time for Jacopo Guarnieri to start his sprint for team leader Alexander Kristoff.

– It was amazing how the six teammates of Kristoff worked all day. And then in the last lap Marco Haller and Jacopo Guarnieri did the perfect job. For them it is also nice when the leader finishes the job. I am impressed by them, but most by Alexander Kristoff himself. It is amazing what a big engine Kristoff has. His training intensity is exemplary. He is so focused. His season is not over yet, – said team director Torsten Schmidt.

The long 217 km classic consisted of eight laps of 26,9 kilometer and one extra lap of 13,9 km. Five riders were able to stay in front most of the race but when the real final began, there story was over. Then Team Katusha, with Sky and Etixx – Quick Step controlled the race. Only Lutsenko, Wellens and Dillier caused some panic in the main group, but in the end all turned out well for Team Katusha.

Alexander Kristoff will now head to Canada for the WorldTour races in Quebec and Montreal before heading to Richmond, US, for the World Championships.

– The Canadian races are a bit too hard for me, but it will be the perfect last preparation for Richmond, – concluded Alexander Kristoff.

After GP Ouest France – Plouay Team Katusha moved into lead in the UCI WorldTour team ranking with 1270 points.

Photo credit: (c) Tim De Waele

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Ewan wins stage 5 of the Vuelta a Espana in debut Grand Tour

Calen Ewan wins stage five of the 2015 Tour of Spain

21-year-old Caleb Ewan has won stage five of the 2015 Vuelta a Espana in his debut season and Grand Tour.

Ewan capitalised on a perfect lead out by his ORICA-GreenEDGE teammates Mitch Docker, Mathew Hayman and Jens Keukeleire on what was tough uphill drag to the finish line.

In the process, the neo-pro got the better of ten-time Grand Tour stage winner John Degenkolb (Giant-Alpecin) and four-time Tour de France stage winner Peter Sagan (Tinkoff-Saxo).

“This is by far the happiest day in my career,” Ewan said. “To beat some of the best sprinters in the world, especially guys like Sagan and Degenkolb on an uphill finish, it really means a lot to me.”

“It’s an honour to race with those guys and to beat them is just unreal for me.

“It was a super tough finish, but my teammates did an awesome job of getting me to the bottom in front position. I even had time to stop back a few spots and that always makes it easier than trying to move up. If it wasn’t for them, there is no way I could have won today.”

Asked if he thought he could win in his first Grand Tour, the Australian credited the confidence the team have entrusted in him.

“To be honest I didn’t know what to expect,” Ewan said. “I hadn’t won a WorldTour race to start with so I always knew it was going to be pretty tough.”

“But my team believed in me and at the end there when they commit 100% for you, you start to believe in yourself as well.

“This was probably the last stage I could go for because I’m not planning on going through the whole Tour. There was a fair bit of pressure because I knew it was my last opportunity but that made me even more determined to do it.”

Sport director Neil Stephens was thrilled by the efforts of his young charge.

“The performance was unbelievable stuff,” Stephens said. “But what is also a factor is what’s gone on the past five days.”

“We have had a great leader of the race and 90% of the thought had gone into Esteban Chaves so Caleb had to take a step back as plan B.

“He is 21 years of age. He dealt with that like a champion and then when he had is one chance, he delivered.”

Unfortunately, the pace in the final saw Colombian Chaves relinquish the red leader’s jersey by just one second to Tom Dumoulin (Giant-Alpecin).

With a long way still to go before Madrid and some favourable stages to come, Stephens said Chaves is still in a very strong position.

“We talked this morning about the possibility in the next couple of days to lose the jersey,” Stephens said.

“We probably didn’t think it would happen today, but we knew we didn’t want to obsess over the jersey just to keep it for an extra day when we have more goals to achieve across the three weeks.

“It’s been great to have the jersey, we might get it back we might not, but we aren’t done yet.”

How it happened:

Stage five looked set for a strong sprinter, the relatively flat stage finishing with a technical finale containing a number of roundabouts in the final five kilometres and an uphill drag to the line.

As such, few were willing to put themselves at the front of the race and as a result the breakaway began with one solo rider, Tsgabu Grmay of Lampre-Merida.

Eventually, two others joined him and the group began to ride out to an advantage.  As they reached seven minutes, the sprint teams came to the fore – particularly Giant-Alpecin and Cofidis.

The break splinted in the final 20km and Iljo Keisse (Etixx-Quickstep) was the final survivor to be swept up with nine kilometres to go.

As the technical final section began, ORICA-GreenEDGE came to the fore led by Hayman. After a long turn, Keukeleire took over before Docker delivered Ewan with absolute perfection in order to contest and win the uphill sprint.

Cameron Meyer on stage five of the 2015 Tour of Spain


Sky and Green Edge compete on stage five of the 2015 Tour of Spain


Matthew Hayman paces Esteban Chaves on stage five of the 2015 Tour of Spain

Calen Ewan wins stage five of the 2015 Tour of Spain

Esteban Chaves on stage five of the 2015 Tour of Spain

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Both Jenny Rissveds and Nino Schurter continued their winning streak at the World Cup finals in Val di Sole. Both are well deserved World Cup Champions 2015.

It’s been a record season for team SCOTT-Odlo. Jenny Rissveds delivered a never seen record winning 6 out of 6 races in the women’s U23. N1NO on the other side started the World Cup with 3 second places and finished with 3 wins- his best ever season. There is only one word to describe this: #nextlevel

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

World Cup Champion and winner of the final in Val di Sole

Going into World Cup finals it looked promising for Nino Schurter. He knew he only needed a 22nd place to secure his World Cup Champion title should Julien Absalon win. With the additional confidence of being a two times World Cup winner in Val di Sole, only a mechanical or injury could hold him back. Though there would be no holding back, Nino only races for 1st, and that is what he did.

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI


1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

N1NO showing how much he loves to ride his bike even when racing

The race action was kind of a copy paste of the past few World Cup races. At first the lead group contained Olympic champion Jaroslav Kulhavy, former team-mate Florian Vogel, current World Champion Julien Absalon and Nino Schurter. Until the tempo forcing by Absalon in the last lap this group stayed together. After that it was again the well known Absalon-Schurter battle. N1NO was holding himself back during the race, riding intelligently and with controll to secure his overall title. But after Julien attacked several times without success and N1NO saw the overall title within grasp we saw one a classic N1NO charge opening up the door for the win.

N1NO managed to get into the last descent in first place. After that Absalon no longer had any chance to get around the World Cup champion.






N1NO riding his SCOTT Spark 700 to his 17th World Cup victory (images by Sven Martin)

Winning his 17th World Cup race in his career, N1NO once more set himself high up in the record books. Now as a four time World Cup champion only Julien Absalon was more successful with his 30 wins. Small side note- N1NO and his team manager Thomas Frischknecht both have equal World Cup wins now sharing second place behind Absalon. No doubt this will not last much longer.


2 times 17 World Cup wins in total. Frischi stoked about N1NO’s performance

The champ was delighted at finish stating, “Every race and also the overall World Cup ends at the finish line. Even though I could count on the overall, it’s done when it’s done. Two weeks away from World Championship this success comes at a perfect time. First of all I already have reached one of my most important goals of the season and secondly I know I’m ready for the World Championships coming up.”


“Two weeks away from World Championship this success comes at a perfect time. First of all I already have reached one of my most important goals of the season and secondly I know I’m ready for the World Championships coming up.”

Nino Schurter, 2015 World Cup Champion
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team


3, Kulhavy, Jaroslav, Specialized Racing, , CZE 2, Absalon, Julien, BMC MTB, , FRA 1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI 5, Vogel, Florian, Focus XC Team, RC Gränichen, SUI 11, Marotte, Maxime, BH-Sr Suntour-KMC, , FRA

The moment to celebrate the World Cup season. From left to right: Jaroslav Kulhavy-Julien Absalon-Nino Schurter-Florian Vogel

1, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE

2, Keller, Alessandra, Strüby Bixs, , SUI 1, Rissveds, Jenny, Scott-Odlo, Falu CK, SWE 5, Rabensteiner, Lisa, Focus XC Italy, , ITA

World Cup Champion Jenny Rissveds with Alessandra Keller (left) and Lisa Rabensteiner (right)

In the men’s U23 Andri Frischknecht placed in a solid 11th place. Some room to improve for worlds. His overall ranking is a good 8th place. Michiel van der Hejiden tried to get back into racing but unfortunately had to quit after he had a small crash again. Perhaps the return from injury was just a bit too early for him. He is still optimistic to be back for Worlds.

6, Frischknecht, Andri, Scott-Odlo, , SUI


33, Van Der Heijden, Michiel, Scott-Odlo, , NED

Frischi jun. placed 11th- Michiel van Heijden DNF after a crash


We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our staff, sponsors and everybody who helps behind the scenes to make such great success’s possible. #NOSHORTCUTS

1, Schurter, Nino, Scott-Odlo, , SUI

We look back to the best World Cup season ever. This is #nextlevel

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Chaves produces biggest win of career to claim Vuelta a Espana lead

Esteban Chaves wins stage two of the 2015 Tour of Spain

Colombian Esteban Chaves has won the second stage of the Vuelta a Espana, the biggest win of his young career, to move into the race lead today.

The 25-year-old traded blows with fellow attackers on the final 2.5km climb to the first summit finish of the 2015 Tour.

Eventually he proved too strong for Tom Dumoulin (Giant Alpecin) in the final metres to claim the victory and a five-second overall lead for ORICA-GreenEDGE.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” an ecstatic Chaves said. “I want to say thanks to all of my teammates, all the staff, this is unbelievable.”

“It’s really important. It’s the most important victory of my life. The first road stage of the Vuelta and to take the red jersey… it’s unbelievable.

“The team have all the confidence in me and they did the best today. Thank you mates!”

When asked if he can keep the race lead, the 2014 Tour de Suisse and Tour of California stage winner produced his trademark big smile and some fighting words.

“I hope!” he laughed.

“I want to leave skin on the road to keep the red jersey. This is the reason I am a rider, I will try to stay in front for as long as possible.

“We worked really hard after the Giro d’Italia and after Suisse and this is the compensation.”

Adding to the reward, Chaves also leads the green sprint classification, mountain polka dot jersey and white combination competition.

Sharing Chaves’ joy was a thrilled Neil Stephens.

“It was a really good job from the boys,” the sport director said. “The plan was for them to leave Esteban in an ideal position with four kilometres to go and they did a really good job with that.”

“The real priority was to stay around the mark with the general classification guys but I had a chat with him this morning and said at any time throughout the Vuelta there is going to be situations that could also be a possibility for a stage win and to take the initiative.

“That’s something only he can do and he rode really smart in the final there.”

Stephens credited the climber’s hard work and dedication; particularly having returned from a near career ending injury just two years ago.

“At 500m to go I said to Esteban ‘I know how hard you have worked for this’ and to take advantage of the situation,” Stephens said.

“He knows how much he has worked for it, I think a lot of people know how much he has had to work for it and it is just great that he can take the benefit today.”

How it unfolded:

The first road stage stayed together for the first 20km racing before a group of six formed the first breakaway of the 2015 Vuelta a Espana.

Covering 41.2km in the first hour of racing the break’s advantage remained steady at a little over three minutes.

Team Sky and Movistar could be seen at the head of the peloton keeping safe and maintaining an acceptable distance to the leaders.

With 60km to go Team Katusha joined the party and the gap began to tumble before five of the six were caught with aorund 25km to go. José Gonçalves (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA) held on for little longer before he was also swallowed up.

A late attack, initiated by Nairo Quintana (Team Movistar), looked dangerous and sensing the danger, Chaves bridged across with three kilometres remaining.

Quintana subsequently lost contact as Chaves exchanged blows with Dumoulin and Nicholas Roache (Team Sky). Roache was the first to crack before a last ditched effort to the line saw Chaves get the better of Dumoulin.

Tomorrow’s stage three is the first of few opportunities identified by organisers as a sprint stage, however it’s far from guaranteed.

Standing strongly in the way of a bunch kick is a tough 16km mid-race category one with an average of 5.2% and ramps of up to 15%.

Esteban Chaves wins stage two of the 2015 Tour of Spain

Esteban Chaves wins stage two of the 2015 Tour of Spain


Daryl Impey on stage two of the 2015 Tour of Spain






Simon Gerrans on stage two of the 2015 Tour of Spain

Esteban Chaves wins stage two of the 2015 Tour of Spain

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Leadville 100 – Mission accomplished!


Albanator remains unbeatable. Alban Lakata from the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team is the first rider ever who finished under six hours at the Leadville Trail 100 MTB in Colorado. Kristian Hynek just a few seconds behind takes second, Jeremiah Bishop on four and Sally Bigham also second at the women’s competition.










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