Monterey, California. A day after the successful release of chapter 1 of #huntforglory, Jenny Rissveds and Nino Schurter put this project title to fact by winning the prestigious short track race at the Sea Otter Classic followed by Nino’s win at the XC competition one day later on.



Jenny Rissveds looks back to an exiting weekend of racing at the Sea Otter Classic. No less than 15,000 participants and a total of 50,000 people took part of the 25th year anniversary of Americas largest cycling event. With a superb win in the short track and a fine 3rd place behind world champion Catharine Pendrel and Australian Rebecca Henderson in the cross-country race, our Swedish star made herself popular under the Californian sun.


Jenny at the start of the XC race



podium shoot with Emily Batty and the Sea Otter


Even a double victory in two days was Nino Schurter’s racing effort, which makes it to three wins in the two weeks he has been to the US. The XC race was decided in a tight sprint between N1NO, youngster Howard Grotts and Australian Daniel Mc Connell.



finish of the XC race



work hard – play hard


Michiel van der Heijden and Andri Frischknecht both had to deal with a cold last week. The dry and dusty air did it’s rest to it. They both missed out at Bonelli park a week ago but luckily are back on track. The good team spirit helped them to keep the motivation up. This resulted in a 17th place for  Michiel and a 12th for Andri. Good job!


Michiel, Nino and Andri celebrating their finish



Frischi jun. relaxed at the startline



dusty day at the office for Michiel

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Sally wins in Laissac




The Topeak-Ergon Racing Team got off to a great start in the UCI Marathon-Season at Roc Laissagais, France. Sally Bigham rode confidently to first place, and Robert Mennen landed in third while Alban Lakata took sixth, even though stricken by misfortune.

The Roc Laissagais kicked off as the first race of the UCI Marathon Series in 2015, taking place this past Sunday in French Laissac. The Topeak-Ergon Racing Team properly stepped on the gas: 1st place for Sally Bigham, 3rd place for Robert Mennen, and Alban Lakata rode to place 6th after several technical difficulties.

With her first performance in the UCI Marathon Series 2015, Sally demonstrated that the road to victory means getting past her first. During the race, which runs 66 kilometer distance and 2.228 meters difference in altitude, Iron Sally gave her competition no chance. She dashed to first place in a confident manner with a head start of 14:05 minutes over second place.

”This was really a very nice race here in France. A demanding track with many poisonous climbs and technical downhills,” explained the Topeak-Ergon pilot at the finish line. ”This victory makes me especially happy, since the Marathon-World Championship next year will be fought on this very course.


The male Topeak-Ergon-Riders had an equally great start into the UCI-Season. Robert reached a podium position taking third place after 87 kilometers and over 3000 meters difference in altitude. Alban was challenged with several technical difficulties, however, he was still able to reach a respectable 6th place. These fantastic results show our athletes are in great shape, coming right after the strenuous exertions of Cape Epic.

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Topeak-Ergon on the hunt



The Topeak-Ergon Racing Team with Lakata and Hynek have established themselves to second place and therefore the team is the hardest pursuer of the overall victory. Mennen and Bishop were able to find their rhythm as well and fight on the forefront with their teammates. Bigham rides out of competition after Kollmanns exit. Learn more at On the Edge



How close happiness and misfortune can be at Cape Epic, you can witness closely on our Topeak-Ergon Racing Team. While Alban and Kristian were quickly able to find their form and achieve a podium´s position every day, Robert and Jeremiah had to ride at first through a valley of suffering with defect, health issues and a harsh time penalty.



But now the engine is running smoothly for the 29-year old German and the 39-year old American. The results are impressive: twice place 2 for Alban and Kristian, place 3 and 5 for Robert and Jeremiah on stage three and four. It is quite different for our female team: After Christina suffered a heat stroke during stage four and therefore had to give up, Sally keeps participating out of competition, wearing the Outcast Jersey.




Today on stage 5 from Worcester to Wellington, our boys were headed in the right direction, when a flat tire and a twisted chain threw the Topeak-Ergon-Team back, which is why after 117 kilometers and 2.500 meter difference in altitude only 5th place was reached. Today they took 2nd, just 30 seconds behind the winning team. However, our team is still second in the overall classification with a backlog of 10:51 minutes.




Robert and Jeremiah had to deal with impediments today as well and arrived at the finish line as sixteenth. Meanwhile ”Lonesome? Sally underlined her good early form in lone warrior style as outcast: ”We start about ten minutes behind the peloton,? explains the two time Epic winner.? I felt great from the start today and arrived exactly 6 hours later at the finish line.? This would have been place 23 in the overall ranking after all — Respect!



Yet one last stage to come, then we know who will make Cape Epic history this year. Chances look not too bad for Topeak-Ergon …

For more information and results please check and on the edge



2015 Taipei Cycle Show March 18th to 21st

The worldwide cycling industry once again comes to Taiwan for the 2015 International Taipei Cycle Show March 18th – 21st. Topeak invites its distributors, buyers and dealers to visit us at booth #L524 in the Nangang Exhibition Hall for the 2015 International Taipei Cycle Show.

Topeak also invites everybody to challenge his/her limitation to achieve the highest record for pumping to 120 psi. Stop by our booth, the King/Queen of Pump must be you.


Rémy’s 8th Megavalanche Victory

Rémy Absalon ended the 2014 season in the most beautiful way by winning the Reunion Island Megavalanche.

This weekend, Reunion Island welcomed the 20th Megavalanche race. During an entire week in the same “Holidays Village Corail”, riders could share their feelings concerning the dusty race track, the volcano or jungle runs, but also their bike specs or the 2015 program.
Every year Megavalanche is a nice way to conclude the season. Thus, all MTB disciplines were represented with enduro riders like Cedric Gracia (Santa Cruz), Nicolas Quéré (Commencal), Rémy Absalon (Scott SR Suntour) or DH pilots as Pierre-Charles Georges (Lac Blanc-Scott) the winner of Alpe d’Huez Mégavalanche, Florent Payet (Evil) or Thibaut Ruffin (Commencal). On the start line we saw XC riders too like Alexis Chenevier (Scott), winner of the famous Transvesubienne.


Rémy Absalon riding along the volcano


shooting session on the top of the Maido


Rémy on the volcanic rocks


Rémy and Alexis Chenevier testing their Genius LT


Saturday took place the qualifying rounds with an enduro format. In group of 4, riders rode in 4 stages from the Maido, going on the lava, through the jungle and sugar cane fields, and finishing on the stony and dry trails of the seaside under an oppressive heat.
Rémy won this day with 28s over the second rider.

Sunday, the 400 riders started the Mega with an impressive mass start. Nicolas Quéré did the holeshot and after 300m, Rémy took the lead. During 43min, Rémy was really focussed on his goal. First he took a big time advantage in the rocky lava section. Then he made sure to go to the finish line with a smooth and safe piloting in the technical jungle and the physical parts.
Finally, Rémy came first with a comfortable lead.


“I am really happy to end the season winning this famous race. The second part of the year was better. Megavalanche is always a goal and it very good to begin the winter in a positive spirit.”

Rémy Absalon
SCOTT SR Suntour Enduro Team


Rémy proud to win his 5th Reunion Island Megavalanche



Hynek wins in Ornans


Kristian Hynek of the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team wins the UCI World Series race Marathon ’Extreme sur Loue’ in Ornans, France. Robert Mennen took eighth while Alban Lakata took eleventh.

It is the end of the season, but Topeak-Ergon is putting their foot on the gas just one last time. Take Kristian Hynek, for example, who won the UCI Marathon World Series race, ’Extreme sur Loue’ in Ornans, France. Against a field of world-class athletes the 34 Year Old delivered an amazing performance, finishing the race in just 3:47:34 hours — for 84km. Robert Mennen (29) finished eighth, and Alban Lakata (35) suffered a mechanical defect to finish 11th.

For Kristian, who has often suffered this year from mechanicals, the victory was particularly gratifying: ”It is a great win and I am super happy. The race was extremely well fought, almost like the World Championship”, which is hardly surprising, given that the race is used to decide the French National Champion.

The race went according the plan of the Prague born Cape Epic winner, who has managed to find some amazing form lately: ”I was able to sit at the front of the field from the start and set the race tempo. After 35km Hector Paez and I managed to create a gap and with about 7km from the finish I attached, and rode the race home.”

The course in Ornans is extremely demanding, both physically, but also because of its technical passages. For this reason it isn’t only form that you need, but also material which is up to the job. ”My decision to use the 29er Canyon fully was the right one,” the former European Champion said, ”in the technical descents, and in the rock and root gardens, the Lux CF was the best weapon.”

This Friday sees the season finale in France at the Roc d’Azur in Fréjus. Kristian, Robert and Sally are all in attendance, and riding to win. ”We will have to see what is possible. I feel good, but the field is as strong as in Ornans”. We wish all Topeak-Ergon athletes good luck.






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2014 Interbike show, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

2014 Interbike show, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

September 10 – 12, 2014
Booth #23108

Stop by our booth to check out our new products and join the Topeak Prepare to Pump Contest.











Silver Worlds For Nino Schurter

After a silver medal in the relay with the Swiss team, Nino’s color for the XCO world championships remained the same. The rainbow jersey goes very well deserved to the king of 2014- Julien Absalon.

Hafjell, Norway. It is not the gold we were hoping for. But this silver medal is a great achievement after an awesome exciting season. Even more because the gold medal went to an outstanding athlete who showed an outstanding performance in most important race of the season- Julien Absalon.


Nino Schurter (silver) Julien Absalon (gold) Marco Aurelio Fontana (bronce)

Defending his world champion title was a difficult task for Nino Schurter. Going into this mission all the money was on him after winning 3 World Cup races in a row last month. Everybody (including him) was expecting Nino to win. A situation he can only loose or fulfill the expectations. Not that this is any new to a guy like Nino Schurter, but this time he was victime of the one who was battling him all season long to show up at worlds with a big  surprise. Julien Absalon for the first time ever was on a full suspension bike.




early in the race the Nr.1 was looking very strong

The strategy of Nino was the same as in the past two races. He tried to get some time in between him and the rest early in the race. He was successfully doing this and crossed the line after first lap with a 19 second lead over Julien Absalon. Even Nino tried hard to maintain this lead, the French rival looked super strong on the longer climbs and eventually closed that gap in lap 3. The expected battle royal went into the next round. Giving each other sticks on the climbs and fighting for whoever gets into the descents first. Very exciting to watch. New compare to the last races was that Nino did not gain any time on Julien on the descents. This due to the fact that both riders were on of full suspension bike and Nino could not play the advantage as he did in the previous races. It was also obvious that Julien put in everything he had to kill Nino on the climbs. 3 laps to go this strategy paid off. Nino started to crack.


last round in 2014 of the battle royal went to Julien Absalon

After Julien Absalon got the gap he was fighting for, he started to fly towards the finish line. Nino on the other hand did not look as strong and controlled as we have seen him last month. Symptomatically to this he produced a severe crash, something we have not seen from him for many years. Last lap the power in the legs and the focus in the head was gone. Luckily the crash only 30 seconds away from the finish line had not bigger consequences. The bronze medal goes to Marco Aurelio Fontana. He was never in contention with the two leading riders.


A bad crash only 30 seconds before the finish was symptomatically for Nino’s finish

The disappointment of loosing his World Champion jersey was written in Nino’s eyes when he crossed the line. Tough, he looked at it with the right approach: ” Somehow it was just not the day I was expecting. I felt strong in the beginning, but after Julien got back to me I was not feeling as good as few weeks ago. Confronted with the fact that Julien Absalon showed his best performance of the year, I had nothing to hold against him today. But I think it’s not a shame to loose against this amazing athlete.” Right he is! Absalon won the National-, European-, World Cup- and World Champion title this year!
When things mellowed down in the evening he also analyzed. ” It was a tough program the past 6 weeks- no- it was a tough program all season long! Maybe I was running out of juice before the biggest race of the season was over…?”


“Somehow it was just not the day I was expecting. Confronted with the fact that Julien Absalon showed his best performance of the year, I had nothing to hold against him today. But I think it’s not a shame to loose against this amazing athlete.”
Nino Schurter, World Championship silver medalist
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team

It was exciting watch to Florian Vogel on his World Championship mission. He established himself in great 5th place the first third of the race. What happened after was nothing less than a drama. First his saddle slipped out of position, than he dropped the chain. Still riding in top ten a crash over the jumps destroyed his ambitions completely. The flat tire towards the end gave him the rest. Under this miserable circumstances it was a miracle he made it to the finish. Even it was only a 37th place.




Florian Vogel with good legs and lot’s of bad luck

The last crash report comes from Jenny Rissveds side. In the technical most difficult downhill she crashed hard and had to be taken by the ambulance for check. Luckily nothing is broken. Except her heart. After missing the medal in the eliminator Hafjell was definitely not her world championship. Swiss Jolanda Neff defended her U23 title easily.


Great news come from our 4th team rider we had in the World Championship game. Andri Frischknecht. He delivered in the most important race of the year his best performance all season long finishing in great 9th place. This comes at an even bigger surprise as he flatted first lap and dropped back to 20th place. With a lot of courage he was fighting his way back into top ten to fulfill his goal. Dutch rider Michiel van der Heijden crowned himself as the new U23 World Champion.
Now with two days to go SCOTT-Odlo is sitting in 5th place overall. But the leaders Robert Mennen and Kristian Hynek are out of reach with a 30 min lead.




Andri Frischknecht stayed focus after a flat tire to reach his goal

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Topeak Heads to Eurobike 2014

logo-eurobikeThe largest brands in cycling will converge in Friedrichshafen, Germany for the Eurobike trade show August 27 – 30.

The global cycling trade show is the annual exhibition where dealers and consumers get to see the newest and most innovative products for the coming cycling season.

Once again Topeak is set to present their newest products.  New Tools, pumps, lights and much more to make cycling more enjoyable.

EuroBike Demo Day : August 26
EuroBike Show : August 27 – 30  (Public day is Saturday, August 30)
Booth #B4-102

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Double Strike!

The World Cup wins keep on coming! Nino Schurter completes #13 while Jenny Rissveds gets her first Eliminator victory of the season. On top of that Florian rides into top ten.

It has been a fantastic weekend for the SCOTT riders. Not only did we have two riders in the top 10, but with Geoff Kabush in 12th  and Derek Zandstra in 13th, both riding for our Canadian Team SCOTT 3 Rox Racing, the SCOTT family had a strong showing at the US World Cup in Windham, NY. Jenny Rissved’s victory in the Eliminator World Cup was underlining the dominance of #scott2luvit.


The SCOTT Spark 700 with it’s pilot on the way to victory.

One week after the battle royal in Mont Saint Anne the mission of both rivals was clear. Absalon wanted revenge, Schurter wanted validation. The course in Windham, New York is not the most exciting, not technical at all and has very long climbs- nothing that especially suits Nino. That being said, we learned that even a bad track can offer great racing action when the players are even. The course was more in favor of Julien- no doubt here. Nino on the other hand was in terrific shape. Going into it, anything could happen.




At first the Flückiger brothers Mathias and Lukas held the lead together with Schurter and Absalon. Ultimately, they stayed out of the real battle. Schurter soon figured out that he could get his full suspension Spark down the hill a good 10-15 seconds faster than Absalon on his hard tail. But Absalon would not be Absalon if he would let it go this easily and always rode up the hill 10-15 seconds faster than Nino. The only time they rode together was a few meters at the top of the climb. Somehow they where even, yet they weren’t technically speaking riding together. This made for a spectacular race to watch, and for good content for the hardtail v. fully in XC debate. In the end, Nino was able to get a few seconds out of Julien in the second to last lap, and did not let go. Was it the bike or the talent? Both?


World Cup victory Nr. 13 for Nino Schurter. Way to go!

Behind Absalon this time was Lukas Flückiger in third, followed by Australien Daniel Mc Connell and Mathias Flückiger. At the finish Nino was more than pleased about his double strike in North America.
“It was somehow a cat and mouse game today. Even if I was always a bit ahead, I was hunted all race long. This was not a safe and comfortable situation. I’m happy it played out well in the end. I’m stoked to add two World Cup wins in 8 days to my bank.”


“It was somehow a cat and mouse game today. Even if I was always a bit ahead, I was hunted all race long. This was not a safe and comfortable situation. I’m happy it played out well in the end. I’m stoked to add two World Cup wins in 8 days to my bank.”
Nino Schurter, World Champion
SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team

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